Join Us


We welcome everybody: walkers, beginner joggers and seasoned runners and hope that you will enjoy our varied running or walking programme.

    Benefits of Membership

  • three organised club runs per week – great for motivation!
  • secure club room facilities
  • tea, coffee and biscuits after the Saturday run
  • away or social runs
  • friendly advice from experienced runners
  • weekly e-mail of club news including information on coming events

If you’d like to try a few runs with us before deciding whether to join then send an email message to and we’ll put you on the mailing list for our weekly newsletter.

If you’re ready to join up then go to our membership form.  Once you’ve joined, please pay your subscription as shown below.  We have four membership categories and the definitions of these are at the bottom of this page.

The following are our annual subscription rates.  These rates are for the year beginning 1 October 2019 and ending 30 September 2020.

New members
Membership category If you join between 1 Oct 19 and 31 Mar 20  If you join between 1 Apr 20 and 30 Sep 20
Family $80 $40 less $5 for each month after April
Individual $60 $30 less $5 for each month after April
Unwaged $30 $15 less $5 for each month after April with a minimum of $5
Social $15 $15 less $5 for each month after April with a minimum of $5
Current members
Membership category If paid by 31 Oct 19  If paid after 31 Oct 19
Family $80 $95
Individual $60 $70
Unwaged $30 $35
Social $15 $15


If possible, please pay your subscription directly into the club’s Westpac bank account 03-0855-0381056-000.  For “Their statement” information, please enter the following.

  • Particulars = Your name – at least initials plus surname
  • Code = Sub
  • Reference = Membership category (ie Family, Individual, Unwaged or Social)

 Membership categories

Family Members of a family who live together. The subscription is lower than for two individuals to recognise the lower admin cost and the club’s family emphasis.
Individual A person predominantly in paid employment. Includes a person in paid employment who has some part-time study.
Unwaged Student, retiree or unemployed person. Retirees or students in full-time education may have part-time employment. Unemployed would be a person who is temporarily not in paid employment.
Social Person who meets with the club only occasionally. Members who participate in club activities only occasionally, maybe as few as 1-2 times per year.

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