Run Maps

Tuesday 3rd December – Bryan
Thursday 5th December – James
Saturday 7th December – Wendy


Remember to drink plenty of water in the few hours before a run now that the afternoons are getting hotter

Tuesday 3rd December, 6.00pm
Righties Increasing Circles 12km

The Lefties run in reverse Club rooms to Merlewood via the cemetery  via Sugden , Studholme, Wherstead, Colombo. Up Merlewood, R to Dyers Rd, down Dyers to Cashmere  Rd to Rossmore. Up Rossmore to the stairs to Whareora Tce . R Along Whareroa to Dyers Rd to McMillan Ave. Down the stairs on your right to Valley Rd. Right, along Cashmere Rd , R ,up Dyers to McMillan Ave. R along McMillan Ave to Hackthorne. R, down Hackthorne to Ashgrove to Barrington back to clubrooms.

Righties Increasing Cicles 12km

Thursday 5th December, 6.00pm
Hagley Park Speedwork with Don

Want to improve your running? Join us for speed/tempo sessions with Don Greig approx one hour. Jog from the clubrooms to Hagley Park and back
again afterwards. Suitable for all levels.

For those wanting an alternative, we have:

Hagley Figure 8 – 12 km

To Hagley Park via Diamond, Collins, Grove. Keeping within the park, run Hagley Av, L Riccarton Av, R Deans Av, R Harper Av, R Park Tce, continue Rolleston Tce, R Riccarton Av, L Deans Av, L Moorhouse, and return via out route.

Hagley Figure 8 Loop

Saturday 7th December,  8.00am
Westmoreland/Worsleys/River Run – 16.5 kms

Barrington, R Frankleigh, onto Sparks Rd, L Hendersons then onto Cashmere Rd, R Penruddick Rise, L Sedgewick Way, straight ahead on to walking track to Worsleys. Follow track to head of valley then up zig zag path to Worsleys Rd. R up Worsleys to end of seal then head down to Cashmere Rd, R on Cashmere, join onto Ashgrove, L Studholme, thru cemetery, Simeon, Sugden, Home

Westmoreland/Worsleys/River Run 16.5 kms

Sunday 8th December, 8.00am
Meet at Sign of Takahe

Route and distance to be decided by those present on the day.
Please come prepared for the conditions and with enough food and fluid to last for 2 to 2.5 hours duration.

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