It’s really easy to join: come try us on for size at one of our regular runs, or email us at

We have an annual membership from October through to the following September. For the 2021/22 season there are four categories:


A person predominantly in paid employment
(including if you have some part-time study).

$60 pa


Members of a family who live together.
(The subscription is lower than for two individuals to recognise the lower admin cost and the club’s family emphasis.)

$80 pa


Student, retiree or unemployed person.
(Retirees or students in full-time education may have part-time employment, while an Unemployed person would be a person who is temporarily not in paid employment.)

$30 pa


A person who meets with the club only occasionally.
(Members who participate in club activities, maybe as few as 1-2 times a year.)

$15 pa

Joining midway through the year?

We’ve got you covered. New members joining between 1 April 2022 and 20 September 2022 pay as per the table below.

Individual$30 less $5 for each month after April.
Family$40 less $5 for each month after April.
Unwaged$15 less $5 for each month after April, with a minimum of $5.
Social$15 less $5 for each month after April, with a minimum of $5.

Coming back for more?

To our returning members; good to see you again!

A reminder that we love our subscriptions on time. If you are paying for the 2021/22 year please pay before/on the 31 October 2021 as per the prices above. If you are paying late, subscriptions rise to become:


How to pay?

Please pay your subscription directly into the club’s Westpac bank account;


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