Event Reports 2009/10



18 September, 2010.

The Abel Tasman Coastal Classic first began in 1994 and quickly became one of New Zealand’s most popular Trail Runs. Initially, the event was limited to 200 competitors, however, after D.O.C. carried out impact reports, this number was gradually increased to 300.

The reputation of the event, the location and its organisation continues to spread via word of mouth and very little promotion is needed for the event to continually sell out each year.

Back in 1994 the event started from Marahau and finished at Totaranui, – meaning a 40km+ distance. This soon proved too hard for the common trailrunner and the course was altered to Awaroa – a distance of 34.2 kilometres.

At the end of this year’s event,  the McCorkindales had added another achievement to their already impressive list for the year. Janice won her grade and Bryan ran into 5th place in his grade. Eight marathon clinic members took part and finished the event and two recent members appeared in the results also. Andreas Kacofegetis (3:56.18) and Chris Kemper (5:23.20) both completed the event.


Bryan McCorkindale M50-59 3:13.45 20 5
Mark Mulqueen M40-49 3:59.01 104 30
Peter Adams M40-49 4:02.35 111 32
Janice McCorkindale W50-59 4:06.24 123 1
Dion Vincent Men Under 40 4:13.53 140 48
Julie Smith W40-49 4:20.39 163 11
Greg Way M50-59 4:20.41 164 21
Caroline Todd W40-49 4:37.35 196 33




12 September, 2010.

Congratulations to Tony McGuire who completed his first marathon in Dunedin in a very good time of 3:12.35.


Tony Chaston Masters men 1:53.16 461 98
Rainer Hoffmann Masters men 1:58.02 553 118
Nicola Wilson Open Women 1:45.24 291 44
Jenny Hoffmann Masters Women 1:58.02 554 41
Johnny McHarg Masters Men 3:12.35 19 6
Tony McGuire Masters Men 3:12.35 20 7
Emily Palmer Open Women 3:47.24 87 9
Helen O’Sullivan Masters Women 5:13.50 209 41



Saturday, 28 August

This unique ultramarathon event takes place near Naseby – the highest town in New Zealand at 2000ft. Naseby is 15km north-west by road from Ranfurly and 145km north-west (via Middlemarch) from Dunedin.

The course is set around a 10km loop – the first half along a gravel road and the second half on a forest track beside the water race that gives the event its name. Originally the water race was built for gold mining around 1860 and now it supplies the town of Naseby.

Of the 18 entrants in the 100km run, fourteen finished and four of those fourteen  were from the Christchurch Marathon Clinic: Seonaigh Conchie (Open Women), Bryan McCorkindale (Veteran Men 50+), Janice McCorkindale (Veteran Women 50+) and  Mark Wareing (Open Men)

The event was a great success, really well run and with a “special” atmosphere that seems to be part of an ultra event.The course was a fairly demanding one with plenty of up and down but it was a really scenic 10km forest circuit.  The weather was ideal – not too hot or cold and pleasant for the support people and all four club members were very pleased with their efforts.

The results were:

1st Female                 Seonaigh Conchie      11 hrs 55 min 20 secs

2nd Male                     Bryan McCorkindale   9 hrs 39 min 20 secs

3rd Male                      Mark Wareing           9 hrs  47 min 51 secs

6th Female           Janice McCorkindale 13hrs 39 min 53 secs

Seonaigh looking good

A special note should be made of Bryan McCorkindale who put his running gear back on when it was uncertain if Janice was going to make the 12hr cut-off by the start of the last lap – (he did a deal with the organiser that she would still be able to run with him if she missed the time) – and then when she made the cut-off with 4 mins to spare he still ran the last lap with her (making 110km!)

Mark and Bryan at the end

Janice going strong


Sunday, 4 July

Thirteen marathon clinic members escaped the wintry weather here and ran in the Gold Coast half marathon held on July 4 in perfect running conditions. There were 7845 finishers in the half marathon. Results (with grade placings) are:


Bryan McCorkindale – 2:57.22 – 1st placing in the M55-59 category – 153 finishers


Warren Gregory – 1:46.36 – 53rd out of 219

Janice Gregory – 1:48.02 – 7th out of 118 — a top 10 placing!

Neville Ross – 1:52.46 – 43rd out of 147

Eric Fulton – 1:52.53 – 89th out 0f 219

Leigh Davidson – 2:00.12 – 99th out of 357

Geoff Smith – 2:01.29 – 308th out of 418

Jo Ferguson – 2:02.42 – 420 out of 758

Warren Bayliss – 2:05.08 – 145th out of 219

Terry Bruce – 2:07.21 – 27th out of 49

Annie Smith – 2:09.17 – 181st out of 357 – a P.B.!

Paul Howells – 2:15.28 – 265th out of 306 – a P.B.!

Kay Bayliss – 2:34.28 – 88th out of 118.


Sunday, 6 June

Marathon Run – 620 finishers

Tony Chaston Masters men 1:53.16 461 98
Rainer Hoffmann Masters men 1:58.02 553 118
Jenny Hoffmann Masters Women 1:58.02 554 41
Johnny McHarg Masters Men 3:12.35 19 6
Tony McGuire Masters Men 3:12.35 20 7
Helen O’Sullivan Masters Women 5:13.50 209 41
Rod Fleming M20-39 d.n.f.
Michael MacAskill M20-39 4:27.34 528 223
Johnny McHarg M20-39 3:01.30 63 39
Mark Rhodes M20-39 3:26.20 160 90
Devern Burchett VM40-49 3:00.12 57 16
Jeff Roberts VM40-49 3:58.52 370 79
Mark Wareing VM40-49 2:57.37 45 11
Paul Knight VM50-59 4:13.52 457 35
Bryan McCorkindale VM50-59 2:59.52 53 2
Chris Littlewood VM60-69 4:06.17 416 7
Nicky Cummings VW40-49 3:25.21 152 4
Karen Schultze VW40-49 4:06.31 419 28
Janice McCorkindale VW50-59 4:08.51 426 9
Helen O’Sullivan VW50-59 4:47.12 589 16

Half Marathon Run – 2336 finishers

Alan Aitchison M20-39 1:35.41 339 163
Jon Cole M20-39 1:24.14 94 53
Thoje Hood M20-39 1:44.34 667 288
Brad Thompson M20-39 1:57.21 1274 451
Matt Wright M20-39 1:47.15 786 328
Byron Skinner M40-49 1:46.22 753 161
Geoff Smith M40-49 2:03.03 1537 258
Warren Bayliss M50-59 2:06.07 1661 122
Tony Chaston M50-59 1:45.50 715 50
Eric Fulton M50-59 1:50.11 925 73
Warren Gregory M50-59 1:42.46 586 43
Rainer Hoffmann M50-59 1:48.51 838 63
Paul Howells M50-59 2:23.14 2106 149
Allan Martyn M50-59 2:08.57 1754 129
Ross Telfer M50-59 1:32.12 218 13
Michael Thomson M50-59 1:52.31 10s3 87
Terry Bruce M60-69 2:12.44 1874 46
Lindsay Campbell M60-69 1:49.32 886 17
John Drummond M60-69 2:01.57 1485 32
David Duffy M60-69 1:55.23 1175 21
Mike Moore M60-69 1:59.44 1378 27
Leo Steel M70+ 3:02.03 2308 6
Sharyn Bailey W20-39 2:12.23 1855 495
Srey Bowron-Muth W20-39 2:18.34 2013 561
Laura Boykin W20-39 2:03.19 1551 359
Hannah Farr W20-39 1:49.39 900 147
Jo Ferguson W20-39 1:56.33 1235 255
Kate Frost W20-39 1:33.31 265 30
Katherine Orme W20-39 1:49.38 895 146
Unre-Anne Pike W20-39 1:52.15 1020 177
Ellis Stuckey W20-39 1:51.52 998 172
Andi Cayford VW40-49 1:45.58 730 33
Leigh Davidson VW40-49 1:58.07 1318 90
Lisa Graham VW40-49 2:02.17 1499 121
Toni Hodge VW40-49 2:22.41 2093 216
Lucy Liu VW40-49 1:57.32 1288 84
Brigitta Moore VW40-49 2:03.35 1562 132
Fiona Spencer VW40-49 1:56.49 1249 76
Kath Steel VW40-49 3:02.02 2307 250
Caro Todd VW40-49 1:52.51 1055 59
Cara Trenberth VW40-49 1:45.44 719 31
Anne Allan VW50-59 2:12.44 1873 46
Kay Bayliss VW50-59 2:28.40 2180 68
Janice Gregory VW50-59 1:48.03 817 7
Jenny Hoffmann VW50-59 1:54.02 1113 12

10 Kilometre Run – 1074  finishers

Russell Taylor VM40+ 38.12 42 8
Rachel Baggs W20-39 57.55 528 118
Miriam Hurst W20-39 1:02.07 696 188
Annie Smith VW40+ 58:23 547 85
Angela Willoughby-Gridgeman VW40+ 59.18 585 94


Saturday, 8 May

Half Marathon Run – 578 finishers

Warren Gregory M40-59 1:46.16 91st 31st
Sandy Bond F40-59 1:52.36 147th 20th
Karen Schultze F40-59 1:53.30 157th 21st
Matt Wright M16-39 1:54.02 162nd 47th
Janice Gregory F40-59 1:54.08 163rd 24th
Rainer Hoffmann M40-59 1:55.49 176th 52nd
Tina von Pein F40-59 1:56.02 181st 30th
Jenny Hoffmann F40-59 1:56.48 190th 32nd
David Duffy M60+ 2:04.42 298th 5th
Michael Thomson M40-59 2:06.52 323rd 68th
Anne Allan F40-59 2:18.24 434th 102nd

Half Marathon Hybrid – Run/Walk – 383 finishers

Kelly Brooker F16-39 2:17.29 57th 27th
Jayne Millar F40-59 2:17.30 58th 17th


Half Marathon Walk – 546  finishers

Megan Cupido F16-39 3:39.04 382nd 83rd



Sunday, 2 May

This event attracted 550 runners many of whom were using the race as part of their preparation for the S.B.S. Marathon and Half Marathon on Queens Birthday week-end.

Club members results are as follows:

Bryan McCorkindale 59:58 Janice McCorkindale 1:16.40
Mark Rhodes 1:0037 Srey Bowron-Muth 1:34.19
Jeff Roberts 1:10.55 Kay Bayliss 1:49.12
Terry Bruce 1:28.40 Kath Steel 1:56.28
Leo Steel 1:57.59


Saturday, 1 May

Over 1100 runners went up the hill at Hanmer on Saturday and all but 4 or 5 finished the 10km and half marathon in the school grounds. If you thought your half marathon time was a little slower than it should have been you will be pleased to know that the actual distance was 22.4 kms. The course was changed a little because of forestry work – one of the disadvantages of having a run through a working forest! Thirty club members took part and good times were recorded by Johnny McHarg (1:29), Rod Fleming (1:31), Devern Burchett (1:32) and Kate Frost (1:44) in the ‘half’ marathon and Russell Taylor (41:02) in the 10 kms.

Stop press: Mike MacAskill has been doing some research into the actual course distance and has supplied this link so that you can get a more accurate measure of how far you ran at Hanmer:



Open Men Johnny McHarg 1:29.59 8th 12th
(143 finishers) Rod Fleming 1:31.06 9th 14th
Mike MacAskill 2:03.53 102nd 275th
Thoje Hood 2:04.20 104th 279th
Matt Wright 2:08.35 113th 329th
Veteran men Devern Burchett 1:32.03 5th 18th
(88 finishers) Byron Skinner 1:45.44 21st 97th
Peter Adams 1:48.29 28th 118th
Al Martyn 2:17.29 78th 406th
Masters Men(36 finishers) Andrew Godfrey 2:08.36 25th 330th
Classic Men(12 finishers) ChrisLittlewood 1:59.22 6th 222nd


Open Women Kate Frost 1:44.51 16th 91st
(157 finishers) Sam James 1:56.30 33rd 185th
Hannah Farr 2:05.31 66th 299th
Ellie Stuckey 2:06.14 68th 309th
Jo Ferguson 2:15.34 99th 390th
Corrine Early 2:18.36 113th 419th
Laura Boykin 2:31.24 138th 499th


Veteran Women Seonaigh Conchie 1:49.28 8th 129th
(73 finishers) Julie Smith 1:58.59 17th 216th
Caro Todd 2:00.42 19th 237th
Cara Trenberth 2:04.30 23rd 280th
Fiona Spencer 2:13.48 33rd 373rd
Leigh Davidson 2:17.05 41st 402nd
Lisa Graham 2:21.30 49th 444th
Masters Women Helen O’Sullivan 2:24.35 12th 465th
(18 finishers)




Masters men Russell Taylor 41:02 4th 15th
(23 finishers) Paul Howles 1:12.41 20th 376th
Veteran Men(170 finishers) Geoff Smith 56:30 27th 170th
Open Women Rachel Baggs 1:06.15 108th 320th
(193 finishers)
Veteran Women Annie Smith 1:02.46 26th 270th
(93 finishers)




Saturday, 1 May

Paul Knight completed another marathon on Saturday. Running at Rotorua, Paul completed the distance in 4:29.55. This was Paul’s fourth marathon since October 1 after completing the Auckland (November), Buller (February), and the local Sri Chinmoy (March) marathons.


Saturday, 24 April

This run over the Routeburn Track was held in very wet conditions on April 24. Nicky Cummings was our sole club runner participating and she completed the 32 kms in 5:01.01.


Sunday, 18 April

There was a good representation from our club at this event this year and we managed to take out the top 4 placings. The results are as follows (marathon clinic members in orange):

Results below:

Place Name Net Time
1 Mark Wareing 02:05:57
2 Johnny McHarg 02:08:02
3= Brian Schultze 02:16:39
3= Devern Burchett 02:16:39
5 Marty Kelly 02:16:47
6 Peter Adams 02:32:34
7 Robbie Grant 02:36:00
8= Mike Baxter 02:36:37
8= Meg Christie 02:36:37
10 Thoje Hood 02:42:40
11 Jeff Roberts 02:44:29
12= Janet Todd 02:48:48
12= Barbara Meyer 02:48:48
14= Sam James (F) 02:55:04
14= Karen Schultze 02:55:04
16 Julie Smith 02:57:27
17 Michael MacAskill 02:58:55
18 Kevin Prendergast 03:07:16
19= Frank Chyr 03:08:20
19= Grant Bond 03:08:20


This course runs through the iconic Motatapu, Soho and Glencoe stations starting at Motatapu Station, near Lake Wanaka and finishing at historic Arrowtown. This is over a route that is only open to the public once a year. There are numerous river crossings, hills to climb, challenges to overcome all taking in spectacular views of the Southern high country.

Club members results for the 2010 race are:

Seonaigh Conchie (masters women)                        4:13.36            7th in grade

Peter Adams  (masters men)       145thoverall       4:30.12            27th in grade

Julie Smith     (masters women)   207th overall       4:43.15            18th in grade

Warren Gregory    (veteran men) 277th= overall.   4:59.05            35th= in grade

Neville Ross   (veteran men)       277th= overall     4:59.05            35th= in grade

Rod Fleming   (open men)           276th overall       4:59.05            113th in grade

Warren Gregory, Neville Ross and Rod Fleming complete the Motatapu Icebreaker cross-country marathon


This triathlon is a 11km run starting at Sunny Bight Lake Kaniere to Geologist Creek, a 7km Kayak to Hans Bay and a 20km Cycle to Hokitika. Devon Burchett came 2nd in vet men and 6th overall and broke the 2 hour mark.


Canterbury’s top mountain runners lined up to compete in the annual Avalanche Peak Challenge Mountain Running Race at the Arthur’s Pass DOC Visitor Centre on Saturday, March 6.
Over 150 competitors climbed the 2,000m Avalanche Peak above Arthur’s Pass Village, traversing the ridge towards Mt Rolleston, before descending a steep shingle slide into the Crow River, and then  running down the valley into the Waimakariri and finishing the 26km at the Bealey Hotel.

Club members’ results are:

Byron Skinner, 3:52.38 – 11th in grade, 50th overall

Miles Watson, 3:53.38 – 12th in grade, 53rd overall


13 February, 2010


178 runners completed the Buller Marathon on Saturday in conditions which ranged from heavy wind-lashed rain to pleasant but humid conditions. For the first hour, runners had to endure strong buffeting winds and very heavy downpours as they wound their way up to the turning point just beyond Berlins before turning back to complete the journey through the lower gorge to Westport. At first, the sponges at the feed stations were the subject of much humorous and derisory comment but as the race wore on and the humidity increased, they were welcomed by all runners. Fourteen runners from the clinic completed the event and there were some notable achievements. Both Bryan McCorkindale and Sue Jones claimed first prize in their respective grades, men’s 50-59 and women’s 55-64 with excellent runs. Sam James and Caro Todd completed their first marathons. Sam was especially happy to go under four hours, a just reward for completing some very good training runs beforehand. Mark Rhodes ran a personal best time and went well under his target time of 3:30. Toni Hodge, accompanied by husband-to-be Peter Hill, sneaked under her previous best time to complete a good day for our contingent.

Women’s Open Sam James 3:54* 8 75 13
Women 35-44 Toni Hodge 5:22.08 (P.B.) 37 143 38
Women 45-54 Jenny Hoffmann 4:27.48 6 133 11
Janice McCorkindale 4:11.54 5 112 11
Caro Todd 4:32.05* 9 144 11
Women 55-64 Sue Jones 3:47.17 1 60 2
Men’s Open Mark Rhodes 3:24.14* 8 27 46
Men 40-49 Devern Burchett 3:14.58 8 20 34
Peter Hill 5:22.08 34 143 34
Mark Mulqueen 3:46.28 15 57 34
Jeff Roberts 3:52.06 19 68 34
Mark Wareing 3:14.57 7 19 34
Men 50-59 Paul Knight 5:00.17 16 164 18
Bryan McCorkindale 3:05.16 1 8 18


Thirty-two runners and one walker took part in the Buller Half Marathon. There was very heavy rain and strong winds which made running conditions very difficult for the first 45 minutes of the race. However, conditions eased and became quite pleasant as the race progressed. Three of our runners achieved top 10 placings in their respective grades: Kate Frost (6th -Women’s Open), Andrea Cayford (9th W45-54) and Janice Gregory (2nd – W55-64). Kate also bettered her previous personal time by over 5 minutes. Annie Smith was forced to withdraw after suffering back pain during the run.

WOMEN’S OPEN    –    230 finishers

Kate Frost 1:39.29 (P.B.) 6 113
Emma Hatton 1:59.49 68 512
Nicki Wilson 1:53.39 40 371
WOMEN’S 35 – 45  –    173 finishers

Laura Boykin 2:15.04 96 803
Julie Smith 1:57.10 39 446
Fiona Spencer 2:04.13 60 605

WOMEN’S 45-54    –    126 finishers

Anne Allan 2:18.36 59 850
Sandra Barron 2:00.17 24 525
Andrea Cayford 1:48.12 9 265
Leigh Davidson 2:09.34 42 715
Lisa Graham 2:15.02 51 802

WOMEN’S 55 – 65    –    30 finishers

Kay Bayliss 2:37.01 24 1003
Janice Gregory 1:53.53 2 374

MEN’S OPEN    –    237 finishers

Rod Fleming 1:30.22 19 33
William Todd 2:07.39 197 676
Tim Wareing 1:28.15 12 23

MEN’S 40 – 49   –    165 finishers

Peter Adams 1:42.21 39 154
Alan Martyn 2:10.39 137 738
Geoff Smith 2:04.42 121 613
MEN’S 50 – 59   –    128 finishers

Warren Bayliss 2:12.11 101 763
Andrew Godfrey 1:58.26 63 476
Warren Gregory 1:45.12 28 205
Rainer Hoffmann 1:57.10 59 447
Paul Howells 2:46.48 124 1045
Michael Thomson 2:01.24 75 542
MEN’S 60 – 69   –    37 finishers
Terry Bruce 2:19.18 28 857
David Duffy 1:56.14 15 426
Chris Littlewood 1:50.16 11 311
Mike Moore 2:01
Neville Ross 1:51.05 12 327
Alan Spencer 2:36.15 32 995

MEN’S 70 – 79   –     8 finishers

Chris Havill (walker) 3:43.34 7 395


The clinic entered two teams in this year’s relay event and their was keen rivalry between the two.

ODDS & SODS Stephanie Baxter
Maureen Heffernan
Clara Todd
Angela Willoughby-Gridgeman 4:29.05 16th out of 21 teams
M.C.C.’s Cheryl Doig 1:21.49
Brigitta Moore 1:01.54
Angie Melhopt 1:13.06
Jayne Millar 59:58 4:36.47 17th out of 21 teams


February 12/13, 2010

Three club members; Jon Cole (men’s individual one day), Tony McGuire and Colin Robinson (both individual two day) competed in this year’s Coast to Coast which was markedly affected by the weather. Heavy rain on the West Coast heralded the implementation of the Robin Judkin’s “Plan B” option and the Goat Pass run was replaced by a road run. The kayaking on an “ugly, scary” Waimakariri River was also replaced with an obstacle course between punts and other river users on the Avon River. Club members’ results are as follows:

Tony Maguire 12:38.15 – 2nd placing – 2 day event in the Veteran Men section (40-49) – 60 finishers.

Colin Robinson 19:55.04 – 6th placing – 2 day event in the Vintage Men section (60-69) – 8 finishers.

Jon Cole 11:27.32. – 24th placing – 1 day event in the Open Men section – 104 finishers

Miles Watson – 14:12.31 – 46th placing – 2 day event in the Veteran Men  section (40-49) – 60 finishers.


November 28, 2009

A strong contingent of Marathon Clinic members headed south for this event. For many it was a first attempt at a half ironman and/or an Olympic distance triathlon. Toni Hodge sent in this report……………….

The weather forecast was not promising.  Southerlies and rain were on their way, dashing any preconceptions that triathlon is a summer sport.  Never mind, Leigh and I had trained 18 weeks for this moment, and been out running and cycling in worse, so a little dampness and cooler temperatures weren’t going to put us off.

After an early arrival at the lake and the usual racking of bikes, registration and sorting out of gear, we all donned our rubber (wetsuits) and prepared for the start.  Leigh Davidson and I were ready to attempt our first half ironman while Jenny Hoffman and Brigitta Moore were teaming up for the half ironman distance, Jenny taking on the swim and run sections while Brigetta would do the bike.  At the same time Andi Cayford and Anna Thomson would be tackling the Olympic distance triathlon.  Yes, this was a day for the girls – the guys taking on support crew duties for the day (except for Pete Hill who broke ranks and filled in the first couple of hours waiting by running in the half marathon).

Leigh Davidson and Toni Hodge carrying out last minute gear checks and taking a last relaxed moment with the photographer before embarking on their first half ironman race.

Anyway, back to the water.  After establishing where we were headed the gun sounded and everyone was off.  Jenny was first of the group out of the water, having completed her 1.9km leg in 41 minutes with Leigh close behind in 45 minutes.   My swim leg is one I’d rather forget – although my goal was to survive it and that I did.  I crossed the timing pads 7 minutes behind Leigh and was very happy to strip off my wetsuit and get onto the bike.

The bike leg consisted of two 45km laps and I was a much happier camper on this, my strongest discipline of the three.  At the 15km mark I passed Leigh and at some point I also passed Brigetta, although head was down and bum was up (!) and I was focused on the job ahead.  The weather did its best to make the bike leg pretty miserable and while it wasn’t overly cold there seemed to be a bit of a headwind most of the way around.  My focus on this lap was to maintain a minimum speed to achieve my time goal for the leg, keep the legs spinning (not load them up on a high gear) and to eat and drink – a little and often.  One thing I hadn’t experienced before, though, was frozen feet.  By the time I had finished the first lap my feet had gone numb – something that refused to be rectified by wiggling the toes.

I was therefore very relieved to get off the bike, even though running off the bike with numb feet also proved to be a new experience, best described as having big lumps of raw steak attached to the bottom of your feet – a very odd sensation.  While attempting to manhandle some dry socks on my wet, cold, numb, swollen toes the support crew were providing wonderful, supportive advice from the sidelines such as “hurry up, we want to go and get a coffee” – nice.  I seem to recall they didn’t get the friendliest response!

The bike leg was handled well, despite the conditions, by all three.  I was out there for 3 hours 18 minutes (3rd fastest in my division) while Leigh and Brigetta came in after 3 hours 48 minutes and 3 hours 33 minutes respectively.

Toni Hodge on the run at Lake Hood

During the final transition Mike had promised me from the sidelines that my frozen feet would come right after about 3km into the run.  Thankfully he was right.  Actually they came right within the first kilometre and so after that it was simply a case of finding my pace and sticking with it for the next 20km.  Occasionally thoughts would come into my head about “oh my god, I’ve got to run a half marathon now” and “geez, I’ve got to do three laps of this blasted lake”.  Each time that happened I blanked my mind and refocussed on getting to the next drink station, or getting back onto the footpaths, or some other short term goal.  During that first lap Jenny ran past me and called out encouragement and I’d also get the odd word of encouragement from other competitors going past on their 2nd or final laps.

Leigh Davidson on the run leg of the Lake Hood Ironman Triathlon

The second lap went in a bit of a blur.  I was much more comfortable running and had stuck to my regime of walking through each drink station and having a cup of electrolyte and a cup of water.  On the first drink station of the second and third laps I also had a sachet of Gu gel.  At the end of the second lap it was fantastic to hear Pete call out that I just had one lap to go (I replayed that message in my mind several times over during the next few kilometres!).  I asked him how long it had taken to do that lap and, when he told me, I realised that I would easily achieve my goal of finishing within the 7 hour time limit – in fact I could walk the final lap and still do it!

Jenny Hoffmann on the 3-lap run leg around the Lake. Jenny participated in the team event with Brigitta Moore

That wasn’t about to happen though and I carried on, one foot in front of the other, marking the milestones as I went past them.  Last time on the stopbank, last time around the end of the lake, last time down that blasted cul-de-sac so close to the end.  While the last 4km was getting pretty tough there is nothing to describe the elation when I hit the boardwalk for the final 400m, and it didn’t stop when I hit the finish chute and saw everyone there clapping me in, including Pete, Jenny, Rainer, Brigetta, Mike, Andi, Mark, Mum and Dad.   What a welcome sight that was!

Jenny had completed a great run, completing the 21.1km in 1 hour 56 minutes, giving the Two Old Ducks a combined time of 6 hours, 11 minutes while I was stoked with my half marathon time of 2 hours 30 minutes, leaving me with a total time of 6 hours 41 minutes.  Leigh battled her way through leg cramps on the run and still managed a 2 hour 20 minutes half marathon time, crossing the line in 6 hours 54 minutes.  Goals well and truly achieved.

Target achieved! Toni and Leigh complete their first “Ironman”.

In the meantime Andi and Anna had both stormed their Olympic distance event and come first and second respectively in their age group, Andi completing in 2 hours 47 minutes and Anna less than 2 minutes behind in 2 hours 49 minutes.  Karen Schultze also completed the Olympic Triathlon in 2:57, Shaun Richardson ran a fast half marathon in 1:33, Anne Allan completed the half in 2:15 and Pete rounded off the day’s successes by completing his third half marathon in November in 1 hour 58 minutes.  A fantastic effort by all.

Toni Hodge

HALF IRONMAN Toni Hodge (W40-44) 52:29/3:18.59/2:30.03 6:41.31 35th/6th
Leigh Davidson (W45-49) 45:49/3:48.22/2:20.17 6:54.28 38th/8th
Two Old DucksBrigit Moore/Jenny Hoffmann 41:34/3:33.09/1:56.32 6:11.15 32nd/10th
OLYMPIC DISTANCE TRIATHLON Andi Cayford (W45-49) 30:19/1:27.53/49:10 2:47.22 16th/1st
Karen Schultze (W45-49) 34:37/1:35.23/47:19 2:57.19
HALF MARATHON Anne Allan (W50-54) 2:15.56 47th 2nd
Shaun Richardson (M30-34) 1:57.55 8th 2nd
Peter Hills (M40-44) 1:57.55 29th 5th


Saturday, November 15, 2009

Numbers were down in this year’s event with 55 men and 33 women competing in the half marathon and just 9 men and 22 women running the quarter marathon. However, this enabled all the Marathon Clinic members running to achieve some high placings. Mike Rhodes and Helen O’Sullivan ran personal best times in the Tai Tapu half marathon run yesterday. David Duffy and Sandra Barron achieved second and third placings in their respective grades, mens 65+ and womens 45+. Race conditions were pleasant after early morning cloud lifted.

Runners lined up at the start of the Tai Tapu half and quarter marathons

Runners about to leave the domain after the start with Cara Trenberth, Fiona Spencer, Sandra Barron (behind Cara) and Chris Littlewood prominent.

Mark Rhodes                               1:28.40            1st personal best time
Peter Hill                 1:46.25            5th (Pete’s 2nd half marathon in two weeks and he is entered in   the Lake Hood run on November 28th!)
Christopher Littlewood            1:49.29            5th
Sandra Barron                            1:50.20            3rd
Cara Trenberth                           1:54.10            4th
Jenny Hoffmann                        2:00.50            2nd (would have been faster but she was towing an ‘old fella’ along for two thirds of the race!)
David Duffy                                 2:03.32            2nd (the ‘old fella’ – thanks Jenny!)
Helen O’Sullivan                        2:05.06            3rd personal best time
Fiona Spencer (10km)                  57:12             3rd


Friday/Saturday, November 14/15, 2009

For the first time, a South Island team participated in this relay around Mt. Taranaki. Mike Moore had participated in a similar relay around Lake Taupo and was so impressed by the organisation and enjoyment to be gained from participating in such an event that he initiated interest in a team entry from our club. It wasn’t too hard to put one together and all those who went up to New Plymouth thoroughly enjoyed the week-end and, for some, the novelty of running in the dead of light surrounded by other runners wearing safety lights, was a unique experience.

(A composite report from Maureen, Kay, Geoff, Annie, Caro, William and Mike)

Friday 13th November saw 13 of members of the Christchurch Marathon Clinic travel to New Plymouth to participate in the “Round the Mountain” relay. After travelling up to Wellington, we took 3 rental cars to New Plymouth, stopping for a late lunch in Bulls at the Mothered Goose café, and then carrying on through some of the more rural towns like Hawera, Patea (yes, the remains of the Meat Works were still there) and Stratford before we arrived at our motel in New Plymouth which Racheal had arranged for us. Caro had volunteered to produce a meal of spaghetti bolognaise and this went down very nicely aided by a few wines (you must relax before big events!) Mike & Geoff then headed off to the TSB Stadium to attend the manager’s meeting and after they returned we were able to finalise the logistics for the following day. It was agreed that the cars would take out runners at 2am, 5am, for a lucky few 7.15am and for Lisa and Emma – they had all the time in the world to be ready by 9am as their running legs were not till the middle of the day.

An early night was important, as some of the runners had to be up and away before 2am (Caro, Kay, Andrew and William). Maureen, Megan plus Geoff and Annie headed out at 5am while Mike, Rach and Warren had the luxury of a normal wake up and brekky before heading out.

Caro reports that it was a pretty casual start – “has everyone got a high-viz vest, because you can’t start without one? Ok…ten seconds…go”.  What an amazing sight it was to see the hundreds of red flashing lights snaking in front of me through the darkness at the start of 150Km.  The darkness was my friend – I couldn’t tell if I was going up or down, nor distance – I just ran.  Andrew, Kay and William were fantastic support giving me lots of encouragement, and gloves – yes it was rather cool out at that time of the morning! Finally I reached the cemetery where it was Kay’s turn to takeover.

Kay reports that it was fantastic running in the dark. Other runners were cheering you on and it felt great that you weren’t alone. It was quite chilly and we all took turns to wear Andrew’s gloves! And it wasn’t long before Kay was able to pass over to Andrew to run a shorter 5km leg before William Todd had to face up to a longer 10.4k leg. William noted that his run started rather slowly as he was caught on the loo – Andrew came in a bit too quick, but once he did start, he was taken aback by how lonely it was running in the dark. He notes that when first light did arrive “I was amazed by the sheer beauty of the mountain, a sight that not all of our team got to see due to the cloud which covered the mountain for part of the day. All in all, William stated that “it was a highly enjoyable run and one I would not hesitate to do again.”

Maureen also noted that as dawn appeared we saw the magical sight on Mt Taranaki half-clad in snow, gleaming in the remaining moonlight.

Caro ran leg 5 – she reports that it was daylight (just) and I didn’t need to wear my headgear anymore, so I was unrestricted for 5kms of downhill – it felt fantastic to push hard through the clear crisp morning air.  And I did a pretty good time, for me!  That was the end of my running stint for the relay – time to go for breakfast then a sleep! Megan Scott was next to run and she did a leg of 6km in a snappy time before passing to Maureen  who was now required to run on the right side of the road (relay rules require you to run on the left side of the road until it is light when you change to face oncoming traffic). She ran from Ngaere to Eltham and whilst feeling a little nervous prior to the start, called in to the little wooden hall that had a large honours board of names of all those lost in wars. But back on the road and it wasn’t long before, Megan tapped me and I was away down a gentle slope. Maureen reports that “an endless procession of milk tankers passed me and I pinned back my ears determined to run as swiftly as I could. A right turn took me to the Fonterra Cheese Factory where Geoff was waiting, so soon was back in the car and travelling on to the next changeover point.  From here on, every transition point was based around a local community hall and we were left in no doubt of the importance of dairy farming in the ‘Naki with all the green paddocks and doleful cows gazing at us.

Geoff, Megan and Rach ran the next legs with the community at Kaponga providing a continuous breakfast for participants and a great opportunity to refuel a little. The local community hall was really buzzing and as we walked out of breakfast you could see that the shy mountain was beginning to become shrouded in cloud.

Soon it was back on the road to catch up with Rach who ran an excellent leg before passing Annie and then Warren (these were longer legs of 9.5 and 11.5 km legs). Opunake marked the beginning of the Surf Highway so we could feel and detect the sea breeze. Mike finally got a chance to get running with a 7km leg to the Maui Production Station and was able to pass the baton onto Rach who again knocked out over 8km in less than 40 mins on her way to Rahotu!

The next leg from Rahotu to Pungarehu was Maureen’s second leg over a nice run & slightly undulating 5km. The sun was well out by now and it was getting quite hot – so when Maureen finished she needed a gallon of water. “What a relief” quoted Maureen!  Geoff Smith ran the next leg and handed over to Lisa Graham who had 8.5km to run through to Okato.

In Okato we found a great café, Lahar, looking towards a magnificent view of Taranaki – had there been no cloud.  It was here that Emma finally got to run her leg – one of the longer ones in the relay and she had hot sunshine and a very challenging course to contend with – but she finished running very strongly and passed over to Andrew in Oakura. Lisa ran the penultimate leg to Spotswood College and the final leg (Leg 21) from Spotswood College to the TSB Stadium was run by Mike. About 1 km from the finish, all the team gathered to run in with him – up a steep hill and across to and along the finishing shute where we were welcomed home and had photos taken. It was a great feeling to cross the finish altogether and then it was time to cheer one of the solo runners completing his 150kms! Just prior to reaching the 1km to go mark, Mike passed one of the three runners who were running the whole 150km circuit of Mt Taranaki. It made you feel quite humble especially when you had to contend with a wee hill prior to the end. Maureen noted “that got rid of the cobwebs for me – I’m in dire need of some serious Merlewood Avenue sessions!”

After welcome hot showers and drinks we returned for the 6.30 pm prize-giving and the very first thing the MC did was call Mike up for an interview as the manager of the only South Island team!! Then it was time for the prize giving but unfortunately, none of us won the trip to Tahiti, the scooter, the mountain bike, the big TVs or any of the other fabulous prizes, but we were well satisfied by the day.

During the evening we all headed to the Lone Star for dinner, where we were entertained by a local group that were celebrating and all dressed up in outfits such as Superwomen, – so gave us a few laughs and this was all topped by having an eye on the All Whites victory over Bahrain as we had dinner and completed what was an excellent day.

Sunday dawned all too quickly and as is the usual clinic traditions – we headed off for a short run along the coast line before lining up for a delightful breakfast. It was then time to snooze our way back to Wellington and to head home from what was a very successful weekend.

This event was certainly a great opportunity for club members to really get to know each other and to build some great relationships and foster teamwork. As one member stated “the weekend itself was absolutely brilliant for me was, a chance to get to know some of the clinic members a little more, and do something as a team made it that little more enjoyable.”

Everyone in the team ran very well and we put the Christchurch Marathon Clinic on the map. Thank you to Mike, Rachael, Lisa, Kay, Warren, Annie, Geoff, Emma, Megan, Caro, William, Maureen and Andrew for great company and support all along the way.  Taranaki is a beautiful part of New Zealand and the relay whilst being a little laid back is loads of fun and is well organised.

Finally, thank you to the club for their financial support – it was certainly appreciated by all who participated and we were very proud to represent the Christchurch Marathon Clinic – we certainly opened a few eyes and created a lot of discussion by many of the runners – many of whom were like us – social and enjoying the occasion. We hope our club will send another team in the next few years.



Sunday, November 1, 2009

Report compiled by Mike Moore

It’s 4.30am and there was no chance of pulling the sheets back over my head as the time had come to get the body out of bed and upright! Yes, it was Sunday 1 November, the day of the Auckland Marathon. Then I remembered that some of the marathon runners had probably been up for an hour or more so that they had time for a light meal and time to travel into the city to catch  the early morning ferry to Devonport. So it was out the door of the hotel at 5am and down Queens Street to the ferry terminal – and as you would imagine at this hour of the day, we were able to “chat” with a few of the locals as they were leaving the bars and night clubs in the city to head home – one chap quite fancied his chances and was quite keen to run! Hardly surprising after an evening on the ‘turps’, I thought.

We entered the ferry terminal and joined the queue to get on to the boat – this was highly efficiently organised and before we knew it we were on our way – or so we thought – 100 metres from the wharf we pulled up confronted by the biggest cruise boat I had ever seen  which, with the help of tugs was trying to turn into and berth at the International terminal.  It took up a huge amount of harbour  but eventually we headed off and arrived at Devonport to join the loo queues.

Eventually 6am arrived and so we wandered down to the start line where the marathoners were starting to limber up prior to the start of their 42km journey – no sign of Paul, Sandra or Marelise. But no doubt they were there somewhere and it wasn’t long before the gun went and we watched some 2300 marathoners head off. Then it was  time for the half marathoners to start stretching and warming up. Wow, there were over 7,000 lining up for the half marathon – and like London, Brigitta and I were a long way from the start line. We never heard a word that was spoken by Valerie Vili who was part of the start team but eventually we started shuffling towards the start line – taking 6 minutes to cross it! But away we went in quite pleasant conditions and headed towards Narrow Neck and then Takapuna before cutting across the motorway and heading to Northcote and back to Auckland City. We passed Kay Bayliss on the way and she was going well! There were some challenging wee hills in the run to Northcote prior to dropping down to the motorway and here we came across but managed to avoid the “Ghost Busters”, 3 guys all dressed up in overalls with tanks on their banks and of course, water pistols that were being fired at frequent intervals! Then it was time to focus on the bridge climb and it was amazing to see the numbers who were starting to walk at this stage but Mrs M and I grunted our way to the top and headed towards Westhaven sighting Warren Bayliss as he headed to the finish line.

Another few more kilometres and we were heading past the Team NZ base where we had
picked up our race packs the previous day and we knew it was only a kilometre to go to the
finish! So it was hold on and try to lift it as we headed for the judge and yet look good for the cameras! “You will have to hang onto me when I finish” said Brigitta as we headed towards the finish line – “Im feeling a bit wobbly” But finish we did – no dramas – and its amazing how quickly you recover. Toni Hodge also finished close behind and was looking in good nick! So it was into the park to get our gear and see what was happening – wow free beer – hmmm so soon??

It was starting to cool off and proving hard to find our other club members in such a big park – so it was back to the hotel to shower and warm up. We agreed to all catch up for lunch to celebrate our achievements – and an enjoyable lunch it was even if Paul Knight decided to miss lunch in order experience the thrills of racing at the Meremere strip.

For the record, all three marathoners completed the journey with Sandra Barron knocking an hour off last years time finishing in an excellent time, 3.56, whilst Paul Knight improved on his Sydney time to clock 4.08. Marelise Feberwee running her first marathon took 5.33 – a time she will no doubt improve on when she runs Christchurch next year!

The half marathoners also ran good times with Peter Hill and Miriam Hurst leading home our club members. It was great to see Brigitta finish well (“I never walked except for the drink stops!” she stated). But she did mention to me that for next year’s birthday, she would be quite happy with jewellery instead of an entry to the Auckland Half Marathon! It was bad luck for Maureen
who also travelled to Auckland for the ‘half’ but wasn’t feeling so well on the day and decided not to start – a smart move Maureen!

For the record –
Full Marathon –
Sandra Barron     3.56   Paul Knight       4.08   Marelise Feberwee 5.33

Half Marathon –
Peter Hill        1.50;   Miriam Hurst     2.03;     Warren Bayliss    2.11;    Brigitta Moore    2.17;       Mike Moore    2.17;    Toni Hodge        2.18;     Kay Bayliss     2.40

10km –
Alexander Feberwee     56:31


Saturday, October 10, 2009

“Well done and thank you to everyone who participated in the relay yesterday and special congratulations to Kate Frost who was first in her senior women’s grade, Rachel Baggs who was third and Kay Bayliss fourth in Womens 50+.  Well done!

In spite of atrocious conditions we had yet another fun day with fantastic support (Susan, Toni and Clara Todd). Look forward to seeing you all back at the club in due course

Thanks so much again for making it such a great event!”

Racheal Bryant.

Rachael Baggs, Lisa Graham, and Laura Boykin suitably dressed for the cold southerly conditions.

Rachael Baggs, Lisa Graham, and Laura Boykin suitably dressed for the cold southerly conditions.

Caro Todd hands the baton on to Lisa Graham

Caro Todd hands the baton on to Lisa Graham

30            Marathon Clinic  1            Final Time:            6:58:07

Ind Time        Gross Time   Grade Place  Place Overall

Trish Hastie            0:47:47            0:47:47            13 SW            112

Racheal  Bryant      0:49:02            1:36:49            8  MW            95

Rachel Baggs           1:02:39            2:39:28            13 SW            145

Laura Boykin           0:59:31            3:38:59            19  MW          143

Mike MacAskill       0:55:48            4:34:47            37  SM            118

Kate Frost                0:42:45             5:17:32            13 SW              99

Cara Trenberth       0:45:40            6:03:12            19  MW          110

William Todd          0:54:55            6:58:07             35 SM            116

31st            Marathon Clinic  2            Final Time:            7:07:19

Ind Time        Gross Time   Grade Place  Place Overall

Chris Littlewood     0:47:47            0:47:47          23  M50           112=

Caro Todd                0:54:04            1:41:51           16  MW            117

Lisa Graham            1:03:47            2:45:38          19  MW            146

Kay Bayliss               1:04:24            3:50:02           4  W50           146

Pete Hill                   0:54:23            4:44:25           29  MM           115

Fiona Spencer         0:46:50            5:31:15            13  MW           112

Tony Chaston          0:44:24            6:15:39            25  M50          107

Andrew  Godfrey    0:51:40            7:07:19            25  M50           110


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