Event Reports 2010/11


EVENT REPORTS – 2010/2011

Takahe to Akaroa Relay

Saturday, September 24.

The 71st running of this event was held on Saturday thus resuming a proud tradition after last year’s cancellation enforced by the September 4 earthquake. Runners with long memories could remember the 2009 event when runners were lashed with wind, rain and sleet as the race wore on, but this year the day dawned fine and weather conditions were almost balmy as a light nor west wind caressed the city. Not even a 4.0 aftershock centred in Victoria Park just an hour before start time could quell the enthusiasm for the race. The marathon Clinic entered three teams: a team of well performed runners who were out to prove their abilities against seasoned and better known club runners; a team of over 60 year old men who were determined to show that age had not wearied them and that they could still foot it with the younger set; and a team of women who were there to enjoy the race and the camaraderie associated with the occasion. There were some excellent performances recorded and the support and enthusiasm generated as the day went on, gave runners even more incentive to pull out something extra. The day was capped by a second and fourth placings in the grades and a tasty share of the spot prizes.

Runners lining up at the start of the 2011 Takahe to Akaroa Relay

Team Reports:

Men’s B Grade:

Tim Wareing gave his team an excellent start from the Takahe to Allandale, cutting the 9.6 kms distance out in 38:10. Father Mark, undaunted by the presence of Mark Bailey on his leg, continued the good example set by son and completed leg 2 (10.4 kms) which included the climb up Gebbies Pass in 44:30. Alan Aitchison, Kate Frost and David Conradson enjoyed the relatively flat legs 3, 4  and 5 which took runners from Gebbies Valley to Ataahua Domain (10.0 kms), on to Lake Forsyth (9.4 kms) and then to Cooptown (10.7 kms). The various undulations were demanding and a swirling wind and local insect life added a few challenges but by the time Jess Wright picked up the baton the team had been running 3:33.10 and were more than holding their own in some notable company. Jess produced an excellent run on the uphill climb from Cooptown to the Hilltop taking just 38 mins to complete the 6.8 km relentless climb to the top where Racheal Bryant was keen to take over. Racheal had approximately 4 kms of testing undulations before the fast descent down to Davauchelles. The 9.5 kms were completed in 38.04 and the team was set up for a good finish. Brian Schultz carried the bamboo baton up and over the hill and into Robinsons Bay, and then wound his way over the hill and down into Takamatua before tackling the last climb up to meet the Summit Road and the descent down into Akaroa. Brian finished the 9.9 kms in 41.00 mins, thus completing a very good overall time of 5:30.15 – good enough for second placing! Manager, Mark Wareing was more than satisfied with his team’s performance and they were justifiably proud in achieving the placing they gained.

Looking very relaxed before the start

Jess powering her way up to the Hilltop

Masters Over 50 Grade:

There wasn’t any grade for over 60’s so this team of hardened athletes had to compete against the youngsters and they did so with commendable durability and determination! Our first challenge was to have Lindsay Campbell at the start line on time but this was achieved with the implementation of a ‘transport Lindsay plan’. The pre-run formalities were completed: team photos, race instructions, procedures to follow should injury strike on the run, dispensing of medication and other performance enhancers, etc; and laid-back Lindsay took off with all the other runners. Although he tried to hand on his baton at the Sign of the Kiwi he continued on and finished with that typically determined Campbell (50:48 min) effort to hand on to Chris Littlewood. Now, Chris wanders a little during his runs and he was our main worry  concerning the race referee and the penalties imposed for misdemeanours. However, Chris managed to keep within the 1 metre rule most of the time although traffic did find him difficult to circumnavigate at times. His leg included the climb up to Gebbies Pass but it was completed successfully and he was able to hand the baton to the baby of the team (53.57 min). Rainer Hoffmann was celebrating his 60th birthday by running in a relay leg! However, he is a disciplined creature and it was obvious he had not indulged in the excesses associated with such celebrations by running a very good leg on leg 3 (50.09 min). This young man did not let his older team mates down! No, sir! John Drummond continued the steady plod around the edges of Lake Ellesmere taking great care not to swallow the myriads of insects which seem to have numerous conventions in that part of the world, and by coping well with a swirling and sometimes gusty wind. No doubt the image of a rather shapely competitor a little up the road and a dogged older male competitor just a little further ahead contributed to the determination and the leg was finished in good time (54.47 min). Tony Oliver maintained a steady pace along Lake Forsyth and through Little River where a number of supporters had gathered to cheer the runners on. The leg finished in Cooptown (55:12 min) where Warren Gregory was waiting with the awful task of climbing the hill up to the hilltop. However, Warren always seems quite relaxed and he maintained this pose throughout, even smiling at his team manager halfway up the hill. It was a good run up  (43:20 mins) to the changeover point where the temperature had dropped significantly and the predicted sou-west change was looming ominously on the horizon. Tony Chaston was full of purpose and he ran confidently along the top before descending down to Davauchelles at great pace to hand on to our last runner, Neville Ross (43:15 min). Neville continued the steady pace set by his previous cohorts and negotiated the switchback hills confidently before descending to the finish line at Akaroa Domain (56:12 min). The 76.3 km distance was completed in 6:47.40 and this was good enough to earn a fourth placing. This was supplemented by a team spot prize consisting of a dozen of Speight’s rejuvenating liquid. The team was exceedingly well managed and surprisingly well-behaved over the entire day – a great effort by all concerned!

Men’s Over 60 Team

left to right: Christopher Littlewood, Lindsay Campbell, Neville Ross, Warren Godfrey,

Tony Chaston, John Drummond, Tony Oliver, Rainer Hoffmann.

Women’s  Grade:

A fabulous day was had by the “Stop and Smell the Roses” team comprising of Jenny Hoffmann (Lap 1), Anne Alan (Lap 2), Brigitta Moore (Lap 3), Kay Bayliss (Lap 4), Maureen Heffernan Lap 5), Jane Millar (Lap 6), Janice Gregory (Lap 7) and Anne Wright (Lap 8), and a very proud Team Manager, Leigh Davidson. The girls did really well and found their pace quickly, unleashing those fast twitch fibres and pinning their ears back (okay, so I may be in another time, another place but hey, our intention was honourable). I was so impressed with the team I have prepared some finishing certificates for the members to congratulate them on their effort and to thank them for a most enjoyable day. Runners lap times were: Jenny  Hoffmann  54:47; Anne Alan 1:06:58; Brigitta Moore    1:00:01; Kay Bayliss 1:04:14; Maureen Heffernan  1:15:01; Jane Millar 53:33; Janice Gregory 46:29; Anne Wright 1:06:05; Team time 8:07:08.

The last runners from the ‘Smell the Roses Team” at the finish line moments before the southerly struck.

Abel Tasman Coastal Classic

Saturday, September 17.

Cool winds and sleet showers for the journey from Christchurch. An excellent carbo top-up and an All Black victory set the scene for the day ahead.
The resulting snow capped surrounding mountains were a perfect backdrop to what dawned as a cool but otherwise perfect day.
The clinic was represented by Peter Adams, Heather Barnes, David Conradson, Leigh Davidson, Shane Fellowes, Julie Smith, Caro Todd and relative new
member Steve Lukey. In a departure from previous years the water taxis left from Kaiterteri in a successful attempt to keep feet dry.

The race started at 9.30 with a quick (for some) sprint before the congested steps at the first of what seemed like an interminable number of short sharp climbs. The re-entry to the beach at Tonga was introduced by a thigh high estuary crossing if you didn’t take the right entry point. The following run across the beach provided the prettier ones in the group another photo opportunity before entering the bush again and another short sharp climb; meander along the ridge then descent into Bark Bay- the 2nd of the feed stations. The hill work really began after Bark Bay and for some of us this was the beginning of the pain- not a good sign with 20+kms to travel!!

At this point the feed stations are evenly spread, however, with the arrival at Torrent Bay we faced the prospect of the last 14km unassisted, and in my
case a failed opportunity to use the available food and fluid in attempt to ward off cramp and fatigue. Thankfully the fantastic views, the warm
temperatures out of the shade make for welcome distraction from the relative hardship.

Finally the end is in sight and despite lying on the track twice in the last 8kms (going by the amount of bloodied knees and elbows we estimate 1/3 of the
field took similar fatigue induced spills negotiating small rocks and roots that would not cause any issue normally), and the satisfaction of finishing conquers the other emotions and physical pain.

Racers are well supported along the way and this doesn’t stop at the end with a Subway lunch before the pre-prize giving buffet. Whilst none of us
were represented on the podium 4 out 8 received spot prizes, with a similar number having also spilt some blood. At the sharp end of the field Phil
Costley was 41 seconds outside of his 10 year old course record of 2hr 22. Another repeat winner was Jackie Mexted in 3hr 03.

Showing the No.8 wire mentality adopted Kiwi Caro Todd is in the process of patenting a combination glove/bottle holder. The idea is simple in operation
and stylish in look (think Michael Jackson sequins with attached nutrient bottle). The mental and physical bruises will soon subside and resolutions to never
run again will be replaced with pre-Kepler training. All in all a fantastic weekend.

Shane Fellowes

Club members results are as follows: (268 runners completed the 36km course)

David Conradson – 3:35.01; Peter Adams – 3:47.58; Heather Barnes – 3:49.23; Shane Fellowes – 4:07.02; Steven Lukey – 4:26.40; Julie Smith – 5:13.25; Caroline Todd – 5:13.25; Leigh Davidson – 5:15.55

North Loburn School Half Marathon and 10k Run/Walk

Sunday, September 4, 2011

For the second year North Loburn School held a run through Ashley Forest as a way to raise funds for their school.  At the race briefing the event director promised a challenging run with one hill for the 10km course and two for the half marathon course with some undulations and a bit of mud in between.  The event director delivered quite a lot more than he promised… Significantly tougher than the Hanmer half, the ‘undulations’ turned into hills and the two hills turned into three –what seemed like – mountains.  Personal bests weren’t even close to consideration.

In spite of the promised challenges, or perhaps because of them there was a good turn out from the club.  I think Neville’s reminder of the race on Tuesday night, which had been on our website for several weeks, prompted some runners to give a local event a go for a good cause.  Certainly my decision to enter the night before was prompted by a healthy fear of Sunday’s route ‘Kennedys bush circuit’ which I exchanged for a scenario which felt more like “out of the pan and into the fire”.  The day was lovely and clear and travel time short.  The organisers placed little importance on times or placings. However they did hand out  stickers with  your name on them at registration which you then handed back at the finish line where they wrote your time and stuck on a chart in order of appearance over the line.  Several technological steps back from transponders but very efficient and added to the laid back atmosphere of the race. I don’t have everybody’s times for but can report that in the 10km event Peter Adams finished near the head of the pack in 52 mins – only a week after 100km at Naseby.  Jenny and Rainer Hoffman finished the 10km in 1.07h,  a training run for the Dunedin half marathon next week.  Among the club members Racheal Bryant was was the first to finish the half marathon in 1.54h with Ross Telfer hot on my heels and not far behind in just under 1.58 (?)h was Warren Gregory.  His wife Janice looked fresh finishing next followed by Eric Fulton, Neville Ross and then Julie and Caro who had run the course together in 2.28hr.

Report compiled by Racheal Bryant


June 5, 2011

To their great credit, the organisers of the SBS Christchurch Marathon managed to resurrect an event which looked doomed to oblivion after the earthquake of February 22. The new venue out at Lincoln proved to be a success and, apart from some difficulties associated with traffic problems, the organisation was efficient ant the event was completed successfully. The number of entrants was down on previous years and this was reflected in the smaller number of Marathon Clinic members participating. However, 31 club members lined up in the three main events; the marathon, the half marathon and the 10km road races. Such is the depth in club membership that not an event goes past without some noteworthy performances and this one was no exception. Devern Burchett again produced another 3 hour marathon and was just 2 secs away from breaking the magic target. He was hard pressed by both Jon Cole and Bryan McCorkindale with Jon missing the sub 3 hr target by 33 seconds and Bryan running well enough to gain 2nd placing in his grade. Congratulations to Tony Oliver who completed his first marathon with the club and Matt Pollard again ran a good time to complete a satisfying day for the marathoners.

The highlight for the half marathoners was the first placing in her grade scored by Janice Gregory. Janice was a late entry after successfully fitting the arrival of a new grandson in between race commitments. Nicki Wilson and Kate Frost added a special touch to the race by running as Wonder Woman and Supergirl and they were chased throughout by many of the 60+ runners – a string of marathon clinic members poured across the line just behind them! Leo Steel continues to defy the onset of age by finishing the half marathon as an 82 year old while Tony McGuire, Johnny McHarg and David Conradson kept each other honest while completing the distance under 1:30. Ross Telfer, Chris Littlewood, and Tony Chaston added to the club’s successes by acieving top ten placings in their respective grades.

Russ Taylor continued his good run of recent form by completing the 10 kms event in 38:02 which earned him 3rd placing in the Mens 40+ grade.


Devern Burchett M40-49 3:00.02 6th 25th
Jon Cole M20-39 3:00.33 14th 26th
Bryan McCorkindale M50-59 3:02.53 2nd 30th
Matt Pollard M20-39 3:40.22 58th 110th
Tony Oliver M50-59 4:15.53 21st 224th


Tony McGuire M40-49 1:23.36 6th 34th
Johnny McHarg M20-39 1:26.57 23rd 48th
David Conradson M20-39 1:28.27 30th 63rd
Ross Telfer M50-59 1:33.27 7th 118th
Alan Aitchison M20-39 1:33.45 62nd 124th
William Todd M12-19 1:39.43 19th 256th
Jeff Roberts M50-59 1:44.26 33rd 351st
Chris. Littlewood M60-69 1:45.16 6th 375th
Nicki Wilson W20-39 1:47.34 55th 444th
Kate Frost W20-39 1:47.34 56th 445th
Tony Chaston M60-69 1:48.03 9th 471st
Janice Gregory W60-69 1:48.34 1st 497th
Neville Ross M60-69 1:50.20 12th 545th
David Gillon M50-59 1:53.18 62nd 634th
Jo Avis W20-39 2:00.09 165th 823rd
Leigh Davidson W50-59 2:04.14 14th 916th
Anne Allan W50-59 2:12.59 31st 1098th
John Drummond M60-69 2:18.50 33rd 1168th
Paul Howells M50-59 2:19.30 103rd 1172nd
Leo Steel M70+ 3:30.57 8th 1332nd


Russell Taylor VM40+ 38.02 3rd 22nd
Neil Gillon VM40+ 54.40 82nd 326th
Angela Willoughby-Gridgeman VW40+ 1:00.18 101st 521st
Kay Bayliss VW40+ 1:09.39 157th 722nd
Helen O’Sullivan VW40+ 1:10.55 164th 735th
Maureen Heffernan VW40+ 1:18.56 190th 807th


This event took participants on a 21.1km journey of Marlborough wine, taking over 1500 runners and walkers between the rows of Marlborough’s vineyards for a unique chance to get up close and personal with Marlborough’s famous Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir grapes. Alas, the grapes had all been harvested and there was nothing left for the runners to indulge themselves on. However, there were treats awaiting all finishers and this provided the impetus for the hundreds who took part, to complete the distance.
For one day a year 25 generous Marlborough landowners grant the race organisers access through their properties and give participants the opportunity to run, walk and soak up the vistas of Marlborough’s Wairau Valley. Without their permission, this event wouldn’t be possible. A group of marathon clinic members made the trek north to take part. Jess Wright followed up her good New Balance 15km time two weeks ago with a fine 1:36, a time which earned her 3rd placing in her grade. Tony Chaston and Lindsay Campbell represented the committee and the ‘more experienced’ brigade with Tony forging ahead and Lindsay, no doubt having a more caring role for younger members, followed a little later. Kelly Brooker, Jayne Millar and Robyn Chaston took part in the run/walk and all completed this event.HANMER HALF MARATHON and 10 KmsSaturday 7  MayIn spite of the weather the turn out at Hanmer was as big – or bigger – than ever with over 400
completing the 21km course and 500 completing the 10km course.  The Christchurch marathon clinic did very well with Russell Taylor taking the Mens 50+ 10km grade first place and Kate Frost running 3rd the women’s open 10km grade.  Janice Gregory ran 2nd in the womens 60+. Johnny McHarg, Tony Mcguire, Devern Burchett, Chris littlewood, Jenny Hoffman, and Caro Todd all achieved top 10 placings.  It was drizzly but not freezing which made the temperature pleasant for running but not for standing around so it was disappointing not to be able to become a spectator at the end of the race due to soaking clothes and a strong desire to maintain core temperature!Graham the event organiser with his colourful hat and personality did well to keep the course a modest 21.9km this year and while there were warnings that it was slippery in places there were only a couple of downhill sections which required a bit of caution – having said that the gate into the finishing chute was probably one of the most treacherous spots as it quickly turned into a mud puddle resulting in ‘slides’ for many competitors whose legs were already fatigued.  Not surprisingly there were no complaints of a water/hydration shortage this year.Personally, I had another enjoyable run throwing caution to the wind on the downhill sections – a decision which probably contributed to what must be one of my quicker times on a changeable course – but has also rendered me a bit of an invalid for the past couple of days.  I was one of a group of 11 club ladies who made a girls weekend of the race and enjoyed the comforts of Hanmer holiday homes.Report compiled by Racheal BryantHALF MARATHONNEW BALANCE 15km ROAD RACEat GREENPARKSunday 1 MayWeather conditions were perfect – overcast but not too cold, and hardly any wind for this race which had to be shifted from its original venue at the Tai Tapu Domain. The race started  at 10am and consisted of two laps of a 7.5km block in the Greenpark area.Organisers had hardly any entries (around 50) – until a week before the race when they suddenly increased to 300 and then to over 500 on the day!There were heaps of spot prizes and clinic members Margaret Moretti and Russ Taylor ran into 3rd place in their 50+ grade. Johhny McHarg, Tony McGuire and Devern Burchett continued their rivalry with only 63 seconds separating them at the line. Anne Wright improved her time by 4 minutes from last year, and not to be outdone, daughter Jess took 3 minutes off her 2010 time to place 7th.135 runners completed the men’s race and 97 women completed the women’s division.report compiled by Jess WrightRESULTS FROM THE BEDROCK 50Saturday 9 AprilMark Wareing, 5hrs 27.24  7th placing;  Seonaigh Conchie, 6hrs 04.46  3rd female,
Devern Burchett, 6hrs 45.54;  Mark Mulqueen,  7hrs 35.19;  Pete Adams, 7hrs 45.10.All agreed it was a great course but HARD. Seonaigh started with no pressure on her as it was part of her buildup for the North Face 100 in 4 weeks… and as is often the case ended up having great race and posting a great time. Devern got to the climb up Mt Richardson and started having some serious cramping issues. After walking the cramp out for about an hour he was able to get back to running. We had perfect weather for the day, the views were fantastic, and the event was well organised. Also the aid stations were a feast for the eyes – if only there was more time to sample everything. Apparently the salted new potatoes were the favourite.(report supplied by Mark Wareing)BULLER MARATHONSaturday 12 FebruaryMemories of last year’s rain and wind were dismissed and everybody breathed a sigh of relief when they woke on Saturday morning to see full cloud cover but no rain – running conditions were about as good as they were going to get for the Buller Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay and Walk.After a relaxing bus ride up the gorge we all disembarked to the smell of bush and the sight of long queues winding down into the bush at the ‘toilets’. Elsewhere there were people greeting each other and a general air of expectancy as we waited for the 8:30 start time to roll around.Quite a few marathon clinic members were carrying injuries into the event but everybody finished and there were many highlights:Mark Wareing completed the marathon in a shade over 3 hours and was both elated and disappointed. Elated in that he was well inside his target time but a little disappointed that he hadn’t set his splits to a three hour race – something he felt he was capable of as the race unfolded.Lisa Graham completed her first marathon and, although tired, finished in good shape and was understandably elated at achieving her goal. Matt Pollard completed his first marathon with the club and his third overall. Caro Todd was supported by Greg Way, a veteran of many marathons, and she too, finished in good condition even being able to throw some cheeky remarks at the supporters at the 41km mark.Matt Pollard at the 41 km mark in the marathon.Lisa Graham looking comfortable with a kilometre to go in her first marathon.A special feature of the races was the involvement of family groups. The Waring/Cayford family became the first Marathon Clinic family group to complete an event together. Not only did they do that, but all four – Mark, Andi, Tim and Nick achieved placings in the top ten in their respective grades. The Hoffmann family too, were well represented with Rainer and Jenny, and Martin and Harriett all completing the half marathon. One wonders how much wisdom Jenny was able to impart to Harriett in a little over 2 hours on the 21.1 km journey.Andi Cayford, Tim Wareing, Mark Wareing and Nick Wareing relaxing after a very satisfying day at the office. All four family members achieved of 7th or better in their respective grades.David and Neil Gillon finished their first half marathon with the club although in the true sibling affinity normally associated with twins, they both carried hamstring injuries into the race: David with a twitchy right hamstring and Neil with a suspect left hamstring. David also won a spot prize but was not present to collect his brand new washing machine and so all he brought home was a bag of dirty washing.Ooh, my leg hurts!Mine too!Chris Havill, as our elder statesman and patron, led by example and completed the half marathon walk  quite comfortably although he vows that that was his last venture to the Coast. I’m sure he could be tempted to appear at the 30th anniversary of the event next year. Tony Chaston had a birthday to remember, his 60th, and was proudly wearing his club ‘medallion’ at the barbecue and at breakfast the next morning. Did he sleep with it on? The only person looking a little subdued about the celebrations was Rainer who was obviously contemplating his fate in later in the year when he reaches the same milestone.“Now listen here all you youngsters, I remember when……………..” A few words from the newest wise old owl at the club!The relay teams had a good battle with mixed team containing Angie Willoughby-Gridgeman, Brigitta and Mike Moore, and Susan Wells defeating the 4 Old Ducks, Emma Hatton, Maureen Heffernan, Annie Smith and Kay Bayliss by 17 minutes. It was great to see Mike Moore back running and completing his relay leg after his health problems back in October last year. Watch out you old fellas, he’s back and looking hungry for more!Emma Hatton again provided cause for concern when she became distressed after finishing her leg of the relay and was taken to hospital after the event. She was placed on a drip but recovered quickly and was able to enjoy the barbecue with everybody else later in the evening. She later explained that it was her way of trying to meet a ‘nice young doctor’.Congratulations to all those who took part, especially to those who achieved top ten placings and our sincere thanks to all those who helped in many ways at the club barbecue, by taking photographs, by assisting Emma during her little crisis and many other little ways.For more photos of the event go to our Gallery page. chchmarathonclinic.wordpress.com/gallery/CLUB MEMBERS’ RESULTS:MARATHON
Sunday 12 December
Sri Chinmoy hold a number of events during the year which cater for all ages and all distances. This particular event consisted of a number of distance options with the course taking in a 2.5 km loop in North Hagley Park. The events are very well organised and runners have the oportunity for meditation, massage and access to frequent and well stocked refreshment stations. Race distances range from 10 kms to 100 kms and in this year’s event, the Marathon Clinic was well represented.Bryan McCorkindale who has already distinguished himself by completing three major ultra-distance events this year, entered the 100 km event and completed it in 9:09.31 which placed him second behind the winner Sukhajata Cranfield (8:47.55). Whilst Bryan was outside his target time of 9 hours this was still a remarkable achievement and meant that he won the 50+ grade.
Bryan McCorkindale shown at left, completing the Sri Chinmoy 100km race in Hagly Park, and, right, receiving his medal from the race directorPaul Knight topped off a huge year by completing the 50 km race in 5:20.43,  adding it to the six marathons already completed this year. In Paul’s own words, “It’s been a big year!” Warren Bayliss decided to enter on the Friday before: “I wanted a long run as part of my build up for the Antarctic Marathon and this seemed to be a good idea!” He ran through the marathon distance 5 minutes faster than his Auckland Marathon time and then completed the full distance in 5:37.48 and looked remarkably fresh at the end of it. Peter Hills loves a challenge but near the halfway point he was beginning to doubt his ability to meet this particular challenge. He was at a low ebb mentally and his legs were beginning to hurt. However, he persevered and slowly the laps completed mounted up until finishing became a realistic and achievable target. Peter crossed the line in 6:08.59 and immediately sought the comfort of an easy chair. The rising from the chair later was painful to watch and one suspects that Toni had a major rehabilitation job on her hands later, but the goal had been reached and Peter was justifiably a happy man.Paul Knight completing the 50km Sri Chinmoy race in North Hagley ParkPaul with the race director after receiving his finisher’s medal.Warren Bayliss enjoying his medal after finishing the Sri Chinmoy 50 km race, and, right, finishing the eventIt’s been a long way but he got there! Peter Hill finishes the 50 km Sri Chinmoy eventPeter receives his medal from the race director.Congratulations to all runners who competed and completed this event – some of us just shake our heads in wonderment at your tenacity and determination! One should also mention Annie and Geoff Smith and Russell Taylor who, earlier in the day, ran the 10 km events. Perhaps this is an event that the Marathon could play an even greater role in -possibly a 4 x 25km relay team next year?KEPLER CHALLENGESaturday 4 December
The Kepler Challenge Mountain Run is described as “the jewel in NZ’s mountain running calendar”. The event is organized by a voluntary committee with the support, on race day, of approximately 200 Te Anau residents. This gives the event a truly “community” feel.The 60km event plus the sister race the Luxmore Grunt (27km) is held on the Kepler Track in Fiordland National Park, part of the South Westland World Heritage Area.Limited to 400 competitors in the Kepler Challenge and 150 in the Luxmore Grunt, the events both fill in a very quick time when entries open “online” on the first Saturday in July each year. The events attract a wide range of competitors in both nationality and age groups. The nature of the event for the majority is as the name suggests a personal challenge.Nine club members completed the Kepler Challenge on Saturday and some particularly good times rewarded the runners who were well prepared for the event.
FLAGPOLE RUNSunday 22 NovemberThe Shoe Clinic Flagpole Run Up is an off road 19km run or walk in the Selwyn Plantation Block, approximately 60km south west of Christchurch. Flagpole Hill, found just past Whitecliffs, was the original inland landmark used by early settlers as they travelled inland from Christchurch into the foothills and mountains behind the towns of Darfield, Coalgate and Glentunnel. The 897m high peak can be seen from every angle in the surrounding region and once on top the view stretches for more than 30 kilometres in all directions. It is no coincidence that Flagpole Hill and the Old West Coast Road runs parallel out of Christchurch as it was Flagpole Hill that was used as the line of site as early travellers blazed a trail from Canterbury over to the West Coast. The “FlagPole Run Up” will start and finish at Flagpole Farm. The 19k Run and Walk heads up Flagpole Hill summit, before continuing on a loop around the back country headwaters of the Selwyn River. The course is steep in places, taking in 4WD drive and single tracks beside the Selwyn River, with several small river crossings. This course is wonderfully remote but eminently achievable, and is otherwise closed to the public. So it’s a great chance for runners and walkers of all ability to experience one of Canterbury’s hidden gems.There were 13 club members who ran in the Flagpole Run Up this year.Initially it was looking like we were going to have a scorcher but thankfully the cloud came in time to cool things down  for the run and then disappeared again in time for the prize giving. There were some good results with Sue Jones winning her division and Jenny Hoffman coming in 3rd.  Brian Schultz just missed a 3rd placing coming in 4th in the 40-49 age group in a time of 1hr 44 –  1 minute ahead of Mark Wareing who got the last laugh though by picking up the only spot prize for the day!)A great course and awesome scenery – highly recommended ( as long as you have done some hill work in preparation!NEWTON LAKE HOOD HALF MARATHONSaturday 21 November This half marathon course is around Lake Hood, providing a relaxed and scenic environment in the clean air of mid-Canterbury! Lake Hood is just 70 minutes drive from Christchurch in a beautiful rural setting and is a perfect environment for a sports event. The Half Marathon will starts and finishes at the Lake House bar and restaurant on the waters edge of Lake Hood and is a perfect spot for spectators and supporters to watch the action unfold. Three club members took part in the half marathon and two others took part in the Half Ironman event run in conjunction with the half marathon
Carl Tinker completed the half ironman course in 5:13.24 which placed him 11th in his grade and 42nd overall. Toni Hodge did not complete the course being under coach’s instructions to withdraw early and use the event as a training day as part of her build up to Taupo Ironman in March.SOUTHLAND MARATHONSunday 14 NovemberIn 1909 the Southland Marathon became the first full length (42.195km) marathon in New Zealand, indeed, in the Southern Hemisphere. In 2010 the race moved into it’s second century on the same course. The course starts on a small hill above the picturesque seaside village of Riverton and travels through flat, fertile Southland farming country to suburban Invercargill to finish at the Surrey Park track. Most years there is a gentle tail wind (but cannot be guaranteed for this or any other year) and the November temperature is invariably cool to mild. Ideal running conditions in fact. Our sole club entrant in this event was Lucy Liu who began running in February this year. In June she completed her first half marathon at Christchurch and in early November she was awarded the club’s Don Cameron Memorial Trophy for most improved runner. Lucy set her sights on the Southland Marathon and finished that event in a very creditable time of 3:34.52 which gained her third placing in her grade.
ROUND MT. TARANAKI Friday/Saturday 12/13 November
This event takes in a course around Mt Taranaki and is more popularly known as a relay. Last year a team from the Marathon Clinic went up and ran the relay but this year no entry was made. However, one club member, Bryan McCorkindale, entered the event as a solo runner setting himself the task of running the 160 km by himself. He not only achieved his first objective of finishing but he also won the event beating nine other finishers in 16 hours 16 minutes and 41 seconds. This was nearly 62 minutes ahead of the second placed runner. This is a tremendous achievement by a runner who is compiling an impressive record of placings in ultra-distance events.TAI TAPU HALF MARATHONSunday, November 7 It’s a pity this run does not attract more runners. It has slowly degenerated from the Canterbury Marathon which was held at a variety of venues including a 2-lap course around the river and some club members will remember running two laps of Addington Raceway before embarking on the road section of the race. In later years it was based at the Cashmere Club and took in a circuit around the Heathcote River. Traffic management problems have meant further modifications and the event is now limited to a half marathon and a quarter marathon. The run route at Tai Tapu is quite picturesque and this year’s run was changed to eliminate the section along the Akaroa highway thus making it safer for runners. There were only 75 entrants – evenly spread between male and female. Six runners represented the club and there were some very good performances. Sue Jones won her grade (again), and Alan Aitchison, Sandra Barron and Geoff Smith posted personal best times. AUCKLAND HALF and FULL MARATHONSSunday, October 30Once again, the Marathon Clinic was well represented at this Auckland event which has become the largest one of its kind in New Zealand. Congratulations go to Mark Wareing, Margaret Moretti and Neville Ross for their top 10 placings in their respective grades and to Brad Thompson who completed his first marathon and Jeni Reveley who completed her first half marathon. Mark also ran a P.B. taking 2 minutes off his Christchurch Marathon time earlier in the year. TWIZEL HARD LABOUR WEEK-ENDPYRAMID RUNSaturday, October 23 >The Twizel Hard Labour Weekend started with a 19.2 km off-road run in the magnificent Mackenzie Country. This well marked course allowed competitors of all ages and abilities to enjoy the unique tussock flats, matagouri fringed trails and mountain streams of the High Country.  The Marathon Clinic was well represented by three families and all runners achieved some very good results! 236 runners completed the course.Shoe Clinic Mizuno Crater Rim Trail RunSUNDAY, 17th OCTOBER,  2010This event starts at the park adjacent to St. Martin’s School and goes up the Mt Vernon Farm Park Track to the Sign of the Bellbird via Rapaki Valley, Rapaki Track and the Crater Rim Tracks and returns, thus completing a distance of 30 kms. The 20 km event follows the same route but turns at the Sign of the Kiwi.Club members results this year were:TIMEGRADE PLACINGOVERALL PLACINGRussell TaylorVM40+38.023rd22ndNeil GillonVM40+54.4082nd326thAngela Willoughby-GridgemanVW40+1:00.18101st521stKay BaylissVW40+1:09.39157th722ndHelen O’SullivanVW40+1:10.55164th735thMaureen HeffernanVW40+1:18.56190th807th     NAMEGRADETIMEGRADE PLACINGOVERALL PLACING     Jess WrightF16-391:36.203rd28thMatt PollardM16-391:43.4528th59thVicki BaxterF16-391:51.2428th126thMargaret MorettiF40-591:51.5716th134thTony ChastonM60-991:55.084th169thKaren SchultzeF40-592:01.4548th247thLindsay CampbellM60-692:04.257th282ndJo AvisF16-392:09.03111th338thUnre PikeF16-392:11.20127th367thAnne Wright        F40-59       2:18.23         110th        445thNAMEGRADETIMEGRADE PLACEOVERALL PLACINGJohnny McHargMOPEN1:26.5111th15thTony McGuireM40+1:30.104th23rdDevern BurchettM40+1:30.505th26thDavid ConradsonMOPEN1:34.4523rd43rdRacheal BryantWOPEN1:40.4011th74thAlan AitchisonMOPEN1:41.3138th81stShane FellowesM40+1:41.4723rd83rdPeter AdamsM40+1:46.1532nd119thChris. LittlewoodM60+1:54.206th180thWarren GregoryM60+1:54.217th181stJanice GregoryW60+1:58.482nd225thNicki WilsonWOPEN1:59.3742nd232ndRainer HoffmannM50+2:02.3517th248thPaul KnightM50+2:04.5818th262ndJenny HoffmannW50+2:05.076th263rdCaro ToddW50+2:06.087th267thCorrine EarlyWOPEN2:13.4676th306thLisa GrahamW40+2:21.5331st339thLeigh DavidsonW50+2:21.5616th340thJulie SmithW40+2:36.5438th372ndPaul HowellsM50+2:37.4124th373rd     10 KMS         Russ TaylorM50+42.091st10thKate FrostWOPEN46.183rd28thElle StuckeyWOPEN55.1624th105thCara TrenberthW40+57.3218th135thFiona SpencerW40+57.5219th141st     NAMEGRADETIMEGRADE PLACINGOVERALL PLACING     Johnny McHargMOPEN56:438th14thTony McGuireM404957:306th17thDevern BurchettM404957:467th18thRuss TaylorM50+58:433rd21stPaul KnightM50+1:19.3226th99th     Jess WrightWOPEN1:03.097th8thMargaret MorettiW50+1:12.433rd25thTaryn HigganWOPEN1:20.4332nd44thAnne WrightW50+1:26.189th59th     NAMEGRADETIMEOVERALL PLACINGFINISHERSIN GRADE     Mark Wareing M4049 3:00.20 4th 28 Matt Pollard MOPEN3:53.3222nd 42 Caroline ToddF45544:46.456th7Greg WayM50594:46.4524th25Lisa GrahamF45544:55.047th7     NAMEGRADETIMEGRADE PLACEFINISHERSIN GRADETim WareingMU201:27.244th15David ConradsonMOPEN1:33.0323rd130Nick WareingMU201:38.127th15Andrea CayfordF45541:44.305th106Nicola WilsonFOPEN1:44.4419th175Christopher LittlewoodM60691:46.458th42Sandra BarronF45541:48.238th106Janice GregoryF55641:48.403rd28Warren GregoryM60691:48.419th42Martin HoffmannMOPEN1:49.0189th130Tony ChastonM60691:51.5812th42Rainer HoffmannM50-591:53.2542nd110Harriet HoffmannFOPEN1:56:5758th175Jenny HoffmannF45541:56.2821st106David GillonM50592:00.2562nd110Jo AvisFOPEN2:00.4072nd175Neil GillonM50592:02.4168th110David DuffyM60692:03.1223rd42Michael ThomsonM50592:04.5173rd110Fiona SpencerF35442:04.5853rd145Geoff SmithM40492:06.5797th130Andrew GodfreyM50592:06.5779th110Warren BaylissM50592:08.4685th110Allan MartynM50592:09.3286th110Anne AllanF45542:13.0141st106Laura BoykinF35442:16.4688th145Sharyn BaileyFOPEN2:20.33126th175     Chris HavillM7099 Walk3:38.083rd5     NAMEGRADETIMEOVERALL PLACINGGRADE PLACING     Jon Cole Men 6:07.17 19th 17th Johnny McHarg Men6:41.4336th 32nd Tony McGuireMen7:10:0656th49thSeonaigh ConchieWomen7:25.4393rd16thPeter AdamsMen8:15.31168th=132ndMark RhodesMen8:31.27202nd88thJulie SmithWomen8:36.51212th54thAndrea RichardsonWomen8:53.35241st65thKaren SchultzeWomen9:36.25322nd91st     NAMEGRADETIMEGRADE PLACINGOVERALL PLACING     Brian Schultze M40-49 1:44.13 4th 10th Mark Wareing M40-49 1:45.26 6th 12th Shane FellowesM40-492:05.2218th46thThoje HoodM12-392:10.0524th59thSue JonesF50-992:16.11 1st 80th Jeff RobertsM40-492:18.3825th87thDavid ConradsonM12-392:18.3833rd88thGreg WayM50-992:26.1017th103rdCaroline ToddF40-492:26.1112th104thRainer HoffmannM50-992:31.5419th120thJenny Hoffmann F50-99 2:34.22 3rd 125th Hannah Farr F12-39 Walk 3:50.35 9th 32nd      NAMEGRADETIMEOVERALL PLACINGGRADE PLACING     Matt WrightOpen Men1:43.3834th25th     Jo AvisOpen Women1:56.0728th19th     Anne AllanWomen 50-592:12.5857th6th     NAMEGRADETIMEOVERALL PLACINGGRADE PLACING     Alan AitchisonM351:34.04 5thSue JonesW551:39.33 1stSandra BarronW451:47.32 3rdGeoff SmithM451:51.23 5thJenny HoffmannW501:57.38 3rdAnnie SmithW452:05.36 4th     NAMEGRADETIMEOVERALL PLACINGGRADE PLACING     MARATHON  2049 finishers      Mark WareingMen 45-492:55.5949th6thMargaret MorettiWomen 50-543:52.35778th6thPeter HillMen 45-494:20.181292nd127thPaul KnightMen 50-544:21.111314th75thBrad ThompsonMen 00-344:46.511656th420thWarren Bayliss Men 55-59 4:48.241675th29th     HALF MARATHON  5792 finishers      Neville RossMen 60-641:52.351577th10thJeni ReveleyWomen 45-492:05.302991st94thMiriam HurstWomen 35-392:05.312992nd175thKay BaylissWomen 55-592:32.014823rd41stNAMEGRADETIMEOVERALL PLACINGGRADE PLACING     Tim WareingOpen Men1:21.036th1stMark WareingOpen Men1:28.3314th3rdSue JonesClassic Women1:47.5778th1stAndy Cayford Veteran Women 1:49.5087th7thRainer HoffmannClassic Men1:59.56131st12thJenny HoffmannClassic Women2:01.12135th4th     NAMEDISTANCETIME PLACINGFINISHERS     Jon Cole30 kms2:39.344th8Johnny McHarg30 kms2:46.248th25Devern Burchett30 kms2:54.5311th25Tony McGuire 30 kms 2:56.5113th25     Mark Wareing20 kms1:46.534th29Hank van Til20 kms2:22.0827th29

Russell Taylor VM40+ 38.02 3rd 22nd
Neil Gillon VM40+ 54.40 82nd 326th
Angela Willoughby-Gridgeman VW40+ 1:00.18 101st 521st
Kay Bayliss VW40+ 1:09.39 157th 722nd
Helen O’Sullivan VW40+ 1:10.55 164th 735th
Maureen Heffernan VW40+ 1:18.56 190th 807th

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