Monday, 23 September, 2013 


Peter Adams, Lindsay Campbell, Andi Cayford, Tony Chaston, Hamish Cocks, Nic Cocks, Cheryl Doig, John Drummond, David Duffy, Paula Duncan, Warren Gregory, Chris Havill, Maureen Heffernan, Jenny Hoffmann, Rainer Hoffmann, Michael MacAskill, Bryan McCorkindale, Bigitta Moore, Mike Moore, Colin Robinson, Neville Ross, Julie Smith, Alan Spencer, Caro Todd, Mark Wareing.


Kay Bayliss, Warren Bayliss,Racheal Bryant, Shane Fellowes, Janice Gregory, Sue Jones,  Christopher Littlewood, Janice McCorkindale, Jeff Roberts, Brian Schultz, Karen Schultz, Anne Wright.

These apologies were accepted on the motion of W.Gregory/M.Wareing

President’s Welcome

The chairman, Mr Tony Chaston welcomed everybody to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance.

Minutes of the 2012 A.G.M. 

The minutes of the 2011/12 annual general meeting were accepted as a true and correct record on the motion of M.MacAskill/M. Heffernan

Matters arising:

There were no matters arising

President’s Report:

The president presented his report adding to his prepared speech a vote of thanks by thanking the jubilee committee for their work.

The report was accepted on the motion of T.Chaston/A.Spencer                                   

Treasurer’s Report:

The financial report was presented and accepted. The president took some time to explain the write off of current stock situation. Otherwise the report was accepted on the motion of C.Todd/C.Havill                       

Appointment of Auditor/Scrutineer 

This appointment was held over for the new committee to address.            

Appointment of Officers – the following office bearers were elected:

Patron – Mike Moore – (David Duffy/Mark Wareing)

President – Mark Wareing – (Kay Bayliss/Alan Spencer)

Vice President – Michael MacAskill – (David Duffy/Mark Wareing)

Secretary – Neville Ross – (David Duffy/John Drummond)

Treasurer –  Caro Todd – {Karen Schultz/David Duffy

Committee Members  (10 required)
Peter Adams – {Neville Ross/Mark Wareing}
Kay Bayliss – {Mike Moore/Anne Wright}
Nic Cocks – {K.Schultze/D.Duffy}
Warren Gregory – {Neville Ross/Christopher Littlewood}
Maureen Heffernan – {Neville Ross/Christopher Littlewood}
Christopher Littlewood – {Neville Ross/Maureen Heffernan}
Jeff Roberts – {Caro Todd/Christopher Littlewood}
Karen Schultz – Neville Ross/Peter Adams
Julie Smith – {M.Moore/Caro Todd}                      

Notice of Motion

“That there be no increase in the subscriptions for 2013/2014.” The motion was moved by C.Littlewood and seconded by J.Roberts and passed unanimously

Current subscription structure is:

New Members:

October-December      –           $75.00             January-March                  –    $60.00

April – June                –           $50.00             July – September        –           $30.00

Existing members:

Family                         –           $90.00   (Reducing to $80.00 if paid by November 30)

Single                           –           $75.00   (Reducing to $60.00 if paid by November 30)

Retirees/Students        –           $35.00   (Reducing to $30.00 if paid by November 30)

General Business:

M.Moore thanked the outgoing president, T.Chaston, for his work and commitment to the club during his term of office.

Presentations were made to the outgoing committee members: D.Duffy, L.Campbell, C.Havill and P.Wynands.

A presentation was also made to Mr.J.Drummond for his work facilitating the club audit.

The meeting closed at 9:15 p.m.








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